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My newest Juicer

Oscar Vitalmax
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Juice Cleanse Me includes juice cleanse recipes and juicing recipes for weight loss. I focus on the best vegetables to juice, and I also eat a veganish sugar free diet in an effort to get healthy for life.

Juice Cleanse Recipes

List of vegetable juicing recipes

Vegetable Juice Recipes
Click the link to find out why sugar is bad for you. I use my juice cleanse recipes to make vegetable juice that I drink 2-4 glasses of a day. My veganish diet includes eating lots of raw vegetables and fruit but I haven’t given up eggs and meat/fish yet. This is a weight loss journey that I am taking one step at a time.

What if food is the answer to obesity and diabetes

It seems the government want to crack down on diabetes and they are promoting exercise in a big way, but what if food is the answer to obesity and diabetes? I have always focused mainly on exercise in my efforts to lose weight and get fit. I figured if I took part in...

High Protein Diet vs High Carbohydrate Diet

I have recently come across a few people on YouTube who eat a high carbohydrate diet. I didn’t realise that kind of eating existed. The people who follow it eat plenty of pasta and huge amounts of fruit. That got me thinking about high protein diet vs high...

Health benefits of water fasting

I have always hated the word fasting because for me it means “to go without food!” but when I started looking to the health benefits of water fasting it helped me change my mind. I had already looked into the health benefits of vegetable juicing and knew...

Natural skin care beginners guide

I have always had an interest in natural skin care. I really want to have great skin without having to compromise my health by using the toxic chemicals found in most commercial cosmetics. I hope what followers is a great guide if you are a beginner considering using...

Journey Updates

My weight loss updates to date

My latest stats

I started in April 2014 weighing 21 stone 10lbs (304lbs or 137 kilos) with a goal of losing 24 lbs every 3-4 months. In October 2014, after giving up milk and cheese, I started leaning towards a raw food/veganish way of life.


Vegan Diet and Healthy Recipes

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I decided to juice cleanse me. Not for five or ten days but for LIFE. My body was becoming unwell and my muscles ached. A juice cleanse seemed like a good idea but I didn’t want to stop eating. I wanted to embark on a juice diet, juice detox type of adventure and still eat real food. My intention is to release 90lbs.