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The photo below is me. The left and right photos are of me in March 2014. The one in the middle is May 2015.  I started using a juice cleanse (weekly at first then monthly) for weight loss and to get healthy in March 2014.  Now I have a library full of juice cleanse recipes that I use.

10 months later I began to focus on a plant-based diet. Now, I have settled on using clean eating to stay healthy. Clean eating is a lifestyle approach to eating and preparing foods as close to their natural state as possible. This site is about my journey.

I am on a 158 lbs (11 stone 4lbs) weight loss journey.
I have lost 62 lbs (4 stones 6 lbs) & have another 96 lbs to go.

diane corriette weight loss

Carrot and Apple Vegetable Juicing

Sometimes it is nice to keep things simple and have as few ingredients as possible. That’s why I love carrot and apple vegetable juicing because I only need the two ingredients. Another two ingredients I love to use are celery and cucumber. A simple green...

Plant-based protein dinner

I thought I would share my plant-based protein dinner today after a friend recently asked me how I get my protein when I follow a plant based diet. It is a poplar question from people interested in adopting a more plant-based way of life. People are mainly concerned...

Using portion control pots to limit over eating

I eat too much. I think this is something I can finally acknowledge. To be honest I wasn’t sure about the best way to tackle it until a friend told me about using portion control pots to limit over eating. The specific pots that she recommended were part of the...

Reactions to a juice cleanse

There are many different reactions to a juice cleanse that our body may go through. It can range from absolutely no adverse reaction at all to being completely bed ridden and unable to move for a few days. What makes the difference? The biggest contributor will be how...

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I will be 50 years old in November 2016 and I want to be well and healthy enough to travel extensively. I have found by simply changing my nutrition (without exercise) I have made a massive difference to my health and the amount of extra pounds I am carrying on my body.

As I get healthier I introduced exercise and use HIIT plus strength training, along with my juice cleanse recipes for weight loss and continuing to develop my clean eating lifestyle will really help me shed those extra pounds FOREVER.

There is no going back to old habits and old ways of eating. I do of course still enjoy something unhealthy every now and again but rather than it being 80% of what I eat it is now more like 10% and 90% of the time I feed my body healthy, nourishing, healing foods.

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