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My newest Juicer

Oscar Vitalmax

I have included the juice cleanse recipes I use to help my weight management efforts. Using vegetable juicing and consuming a plant-based diet my aim is to get healthy for life. My juice cleanse days include eating clean food. I always eat a healthy evening meal. juice cleanse recipes

Click the link to find out why refined sugar is bad for you & the top 10 powerhouse vegetables to drink for health. I use my juice cleanse recipes to make vegetable juice and I drink 2-4 glasses of a day. This is a healthy living journey that I am taking one step at a time.

I decided to use vegetable juicing  to release 90 lbs from March 2014 – Feb 2016. Follow my journey. Discover my new insights into food, plant based eating and wellbeing by clicking here to subscribe to my Vegetable Juicing blog by EmailBelow are my latest blog posts. 

Sweet potato, squash and lentil soup

I call this my orange soup – its sweet potato, squash and lentil soup. It also has onion, garlic, orange pepper, carrots and seasoning. I start by chopping all my ingredients. I fry (using coconut oil) the onion and garlic (sometimes I add mushrooms) I make up...

Low Energy Density Foods List

I mentioned in my other post that filling my plate with low energy density foods is a great way to help me with my weight management, so today I thought a low energy density foods list might come in handy. As you can imagine, low energy density foods are usually...

Juicing non-organic or organic vegetables

Since I started juicing back in 2012 there was always a debate about whether we should be juicing non-organic or organic vegetables and that debate is still around. If you are wondering whether you should buy organic vegetables and fruit or stick to the conventional...

Food, my favourite F word

I have read that it takes just 21 days to develop a new habit, but it feels as if it has taken 11 months to create my new habit. I have struggled with food, my favourite F word, for years and in an effort to transform this issue from something that controls me into...

I am going to be 50 years old in November 2016 and I want to be well and healthy enough to travel extensively. I have found by simply changing my nutrition (without exercise) I have made a massive difference to my health and the amount of extra pounds I am carrying on my body.

As I get healthier I have no doubt that the introduction of exercise, along with my juice cleanse recipes for weight loss and continuing to develop my plant-based diet will really help me shed those extra pounds FOREVER.

There is no going back to old habits and old ways of eating. I do of course still enjoy something unhealthy every now and again but rather than it being 80% of what I eat it is now more like 10% and 90% of the time I feed my body healthy vegetable juices, plants, a little meat and very little dairy.

health affirmation

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