Juice Cleanse Recipes

List of vegetable juicing recipes

Vegetable Juice Recipes

Juice Cleanse ME! is about vegetable juicing for health and for life. No fad, crazy stuff on here. This is my journey but I do share vegetable juicing recipes and information.

I juice cleanse by drinking 2-4 glasses of vegetable juice a day for either breakfast or lunch and sometimes both. In between I eat nuts (almonds, walnuts, brazil and cashew) plus fruits like blueberries.

In the evening I eat lean meats, fish, avocado, salad, broths, roasted vegetables. A simple routine that works for my lifestyle.  This is a juice cleanse WITH food (yes you can eat on a juice cleanse) and I do this at least twice a week.

In between all of that I aim to exercise too. Not something I love to do. Rebounding, swimming, walking and cycling plus some strength training when I can get round to attending an exercise class.

I started in March weighing 21 stone 10lbs (304lbs or 137 kilos) with a goal of losing 24 lbs every 4-5 months.

If you are looking to start your own vegetable juicing journey then come juice with me. I would love the company.

Register on the left. I’ll send you the information I used to help me get started as a 10-day vegetable juicing masterclass.

Define Cleanse

To remove by or as if by cleaning

Make (something, especially the skin) thoroughly clean

Get rid of something unpleasant or defiling

Free someone from sin or guilt

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I decided to juice cleanse me. Not for five or ten days but for LIFE. My body was becoming unwell and my muscles ached.

I am classed as obese and have gained and lost weight so many times I have lost count myself. A juice cleanse seemed like a good idea but I didn’t want to stop eating. I wanted to embark on a juice diet, juice detox type of adventure and still eat real food.

By following a low-carb, high protein diet and using vegetable juicing plus intermittent fasting my intention is to release over 70lbs.

It is easier for me to get my 5-a-day (or my 13-a-day which is what we really need) if I use vegetable juicing and I love doing it.

I am in my late forties and have a long family history of diabetes (Granddad died because of it, so did my mother. My eldest sister has it, so does my older sister – I am next in line) so it is important for me to get my health in check.

Click the link & COME JUICE WITH ME Its a much easier journey when you know you are not taking it alone.

Here’s the legal stuff. I am not a medical or health profession. Please consult a profession before embarking on a new eating regime.